FAQ on Garage Door Repairs

Garage Door Repairs Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions.

I would like to install a new garage door instead of repairing it, what happens to my old garage door?

We will be happy to dispose of your old garage door when the time comes for us to install your new garage door. We will safely ensure that your garage has been disposed of in a safe manner and there may be an additional fee depending on your type of garage door.

Are your garage door technicians qualified to do repairs?

All our garage door technicians are qualified from formal and independent universities and colleges. We also provide ongoing  training for all the latest types of automated and manual garage doors, so our staff members are always trained and kept up to date.

How are you garage doors fitted, inside or outside the opening?

We are able to fit your garage door both inside and outside. We can install your garage door according to your requirements. It is important to let us know beforehand so we can ensure that you have the proper parts based on your requirements.

How much does it cost to install a garage door?

It depends on what type of garage door you are looking to install, whether inside or outside, automatic or manual. For a more accurate estimation on how much your specific garage door installation will cost, get in touch with us for a free estimation.

What are you main garage door services?

Our garage door services include:

  • Garage Door Repairs
  • Garage Door Installations
  • Garage Door Maintenance

For more information about our custom garage door services feel free to get in touch with our qualified garage door engineers today!